How to prevent and protect the mirror?

  1, usually, often with dry soft cloth to wipe the surface of the mirror, so that the mirror often keep dry, clean. Try not to wipe with a damp cloth, otherwise the mirror will be blurred, the glass is also vulnerable to corrosion.
  2, with a dry cloth dipped in the appropriate amount of detergent on the mirror, evenly wipe. Wash containing the active ingredients in cleaning, can effectively prevent water vapor condensation on the surface of the mirror, can play the role of good anti fog; can also use the convergence of make-up water or detergent; at the same time, the oil paper wipe, the effect is good oh.
  3, mirror glass before use, generally have been cut. Water vapor easily from the side through the glass cutter cutting into the mirror in the mirror, corrosion, mildew, rust produced. Therefore, it may be in the mirror in the mirror back after the first side surface coated with a layer of paint, the best in the back is coated with a layer of water vapor into the dark spots, prevent mildew, prolong the service life, is a mirror.
  4, don't touch the mirror with wet hands, also do not use wet cloth to wipe the mirror, to avoid increasing the moisture poured into the mirror; not exposed to salt, oil and acid substances, these substances easily corrode mirror; mirror to dry with a soft cloth or cotton wipe, wipe the hair to prevent the mirror is.
  5, use a soft cloth dipped in some kerosene or wax wipe, or wipe the mirror frame, with the cloth dipped in milk, can make it clear; bath before the soap daub lens, with a dry cloth, the mirror is formed on a layer of soap film, anti fuzzy mirror.

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