New technology of color changing window glass

  Researchers in the United States, Harvard University, developed a new technology, just light voltage, you can quickly change the transparency of the window glass. Earlier researchers develop adjusting the transparency of the window glass, but is based on electrochemical reaction to achieve the regulation function, process cost is high, and new technology of Harvard research team is the transparency of the window glass is adjusted by changing the geometry of the materials.
  Researchers at the Harvard School of engineering and Applied Science in the new period the Optics Letters journal report said, they developed the model can transfer window glass in the middle is a layer of glass or plastic material, covered on both sides of the transparent, soft and elastic body, the elastic body sprayed the silver nano meter coating. The silver nanowires are small in size and do not scatter the light from them. However, when an external voltage is applied, the situation changes.
  Under the action of the external voltage, the silver nanowires on both sides can get the energy to move toward each other, which can cause the deformation of the elastic body. Due to the uneven distribution of the surface of the silver nanowire, the elastic body also shows uneven deformation. This leads to a rough surface, scattered light, and the glass becomes blurred.
  The key point is that the entire process takes place in less than 1 seconds, the researchers said. In addition, they also found that the roughness of the surface of the elastomer is dependent on the applied voltage. The higher the voltage value, the more rough the surface will become, the more blurred the glass.

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