How to install the mirror background wall

  Today, people increasingly high demand for decoration, the decoration function in the family decoration becomes particularly important, so many of my friends in background decoration wall than in the past much many choices, such as spell mirror, mirror brick. Microcrystalline stone and so on. So, so fight mirror background wall, mirror brick background wall, micro crystal stone background wall how to install it? How to maintain it?.
  Installation method of wall mounted background wall:
  1, the wall must be smooth, can be a cement wall, plaster wall, wall putty, wall paint, wood wall etc..
  2, according to the drawings, a spell on the ground, after the fight again started to complete wall stickers.
  3, with a neutral glass coated with a few pieces of the mirror behind (remember not to be covered) + back and then attached a few cotton double-sided adhesive, and then affixed to the wall, a glass can be affixed 1-2 square.
  4, in comparison with we provide the spell mirror drawing, well in advance in order to fight began on wall stickers, mind the gap between each in 0.5-1MM (leave a bit gap is to prevent future expansion and contraction of the damage to the glass reserved space), the order is from bottom to top.
  5, after the end of the 48 hours after the end of a thorough dry thoroughly, very strong.
  How to maintain a mirror background wall:
  1 regular cleaning
  Spell mirror glass in use, the dust of the ground will stick to a glass, if regular cleaning, it will affect the spell mirror glass brought about by the decorative effect, so it is best to do to fight the glass mirror often cleaning, because to make spell mirror glass play their decorative effect.
  2 avoid contact with hard objects.
  We all know that the glass is very easy to break the product, if the direct contact with the hard material, then the glass may be broken. Spell mirror glass is easily broken, so it is best to avoid between direct contact, prevent cause the glass broken, spell the price of mirror glass than ordinary glass prices higher, so the maintenance of good can also save the cost.
  3 avoid damp
  In the use of mirror glass, the need to pay attention to the position of the lens in the fight to become wet, to prevent the oxidation caused by changes in the quality of the glass.
  Features: stereo effect, magnificent, Ambilight under the light. Non-toxic, non radioactive, high hardness, do not fade, easy to clean.
  Application: suitable for family, company, guesthouse, hotel, studio, KTV, Leisure Center and other high-grade decoration. (living room, TV wall, sofa wall, restaurant background, company image wall, wall, porch, bar, column package etc.. )
  Specifications: according to customer requirements, or in accordance with the ratio of wall length and width.
  Color: silver white, gray, black, brown, golden brown, pink, blue, green, golden yellow, yellow crystal, violet.
  Art spell mirror met the stains how to clean?
  If it is a conventional stains such as dust, water stains, wipe art spell mirror, first with a towel will clean the glass box, use glass is blown touchs dilute the water glass solution, uniform from top to bottom coated glass, and repeat the process, with glass blowing from top to bottom and scraped, with a dry towel to wipe the box on the left water marks, glass of water mark must with a clean glass scratch, otherwise it will be in the glass leave traces of a road. Or vinegar and water according to the ratio of 1:2 to reconcile, into the spray, the spray on the glass and then wipe, you can wipe very clean.
  Such as art spell mirror glass surface moldy phenomenon, the hydrofluoric acid (HF) and water the 1:8 ratio of harmonic (Note: more than 1:8, opponents damage), wipe glass. Note: must do a good job of corrosion protection, the skin can not be in contact with HF, otherwise it will severely corrosive! After wipe the glass, with water and then wipe again. Finally, the glass dry.

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