Master of Arts and crafts Jin Quancai Chinese worm

  Jin Quancai has a dream to create Chinese characteristics craft glass carving.
  Glass, in the ancient Chinese has many nicknames, "bizarre" "Lang Gan" displaced "glass" "quite Li" in China has 3000 years of history. Glass light transmission, hard, brittle, thin, thick, is a very good craft materials. The Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" cloud: "glass, the skin is li. The jade like water, its hard jade, named talasite."
  The most popular merchandise that Zheng He took to the western seas was glass beads. Of the birth of early Chinese glass and bronze casting, mold sand in high temperature produces chemical reaction, silica morphs into a fantasy crystal. Bi glass in the middle of the Warring States period, Three Kingdoms, creative use of glass containers placed Buddha bone relic; Wei and Jin Dynasties, "blowing" process largely superseded "molded", become main production methods of glass. The Northern Song Dynasty "Taiping Yulan" lead "xuanzhongji" "Qin state-owned colorless poli, red is the most expensive". Qin in ancient Rome, it in the 1st century AD create invented the glass furnace and blowing process, the promotion of glass and the spread of revolutionary change, set a world of glass manufacturing a milestone in the history.
  Song Cheng Dachang the play had a comparison of Chinese and Western glass Fanlu ":" China is cast and Western different, casting China, color is very bright, and the quality is light and crisp, wal to hot wine, readily broken. The ship from the sea, of bluff Park, and color is also obscure the different, although 100 boiling soup, and magnetic silver amounts, the no longer move, a lot of coloured glaze. " With modern science and technology to explain, is the difference between ancient China and the west, glass temperature and flux of different -- Chinese ancient glass is lead barium glass, formula and Taoist alchemy and burn low-temperature; has a high refractive index. The west is sodium (potassium) calcium glass, high temperature, the process of heat treatment, blowing, corrosion, sand blasting and other techniques. At the end of last century, I travel to Europe, witnessed their performance of the blowing process and exquisite small engraved glassware, amazed. Unlike in Europe, China's modern glass technology for casting combined with cold carving, dominate in the international arena.
  In the late Qing Dynasty and early years of the Republic of China in Tiantai, Haimen (now Zhejiang Taizhou Jiaojiang District), mainly in wine, tea and small pieces of flat glass grinding engraved with a pattern that strange become representative areas.
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  I first saw the craft glass, called "glass engraver". That was the beginning of 1980s, I went to Taizhou with the Zhejiang writers group to the east coast of Taizhou power plant site, the island experience life, the poet Liang Xiong, Cai Qingsheng, Ma Xue and other peers. One day, during a visit to the "Huangyan Haimen glass factory", the then director of the workshop, carving master Wu Zixiong to our show "Glass Engraver Machine". Saw him pick up a thin transparent goblet, light to rotate in high speed grinding wheel, instantly, the cup wall out two vivid shrimp. In our loud shouts of applause sound, he picked up the glass, bamboo, flowers will grow out in the cup......
  Later we learnt that almost at the same time, in the Tiantai Mountain, there is a man named Kim Quancai first proposed the concept of the "glass sculpture". He believes that the glass sculpture is the maximum limit on a thin, limited level of infinite creativity of the art of processing the edge of science". In the continuous exploration and practice, he creatively subversion of the machining tool, a fixed grinding wheel for grinding wheel, breaking the glass processing method, process and material limitations, the grinding wheel for knife, plate glass, follow one's inclinationsly driven blade in a hard, smooth, fragile glass surface polish.
  His glass carving works, by the ever-changing blade rich layers, transparent, translucent, opaque texture; the use of glass sensitivity to light, so that the effect of light to produce the effect of crystal clear glass carving; to produce glass itself and the surrounding environment reflection, refraction, diffuse scattering, scattering effect, let color environment produce bizarre in the works of the colorless glass becomes colorful; successfully two-dimensional plane transformation for three-dimensional, with double-sided appreciate constructing transparent space, which depicts beauty in the eyes of Ambilight and unremitting pursuit of the dream of the heart. Finally, the whole of the large glass carving art will be both ancient and modern traditional craft to the extreme, for the Chinese arts and crafts to open up a new area. When a person is gold Quancai glass carving process "the first Chinese people". At that time there are experts commented: "from the national perspective, the first hit the" glass sculpture, "the banner of Zhejiang, and the first embodiment of the" glass sculpture "in Zhejiang is the strength of the creation of Jin Quancai."
  In fact, early in 1979, gold Quancai will get glass engraving process with the original Hangzhou Wulin Glass Factory retired engraved master Han Jianan esoteric. The following year, founded the "Tiantai Mountain art" and try to succeed glass engraver. At this time, gold Quancai has mastered the carpenter, wooden mold, mold, wood carvings, lacquer ware, glass engraving a variety of Arts and crafts skills, is also faced with the choice of the ultimate dream of their own future development direction and life career. Reference method for optimization of Hua Luogeng was popular, Kim Quancai from the material properties of the process industry, such as metal, bamboo, wood, paper, cloth, pottery, silk and other analysis material supply, scope of application, the producing area and find out most has the development potential of the arts and crafts projects. He believes that China's ancient craft glass high-end applications in the Royal and the temple

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